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Can I Get a Bandaid?

Oh my goodness! It's been too long since I've posted. I promise I write all the time, then I just sit to the side overthinking the process to my own brain. I'll work on being more consistent in this chapter in my life....

For the longest, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate how to make people feel comfortable in the space that I was in. In the past if someone said to me “oh she’s smart” I was trying to figure out how to keep showcasing that I was smart. But then it had a negative effect because if I made a mistake, now what will they think of me?

I thought my journey started after the bad relationship that broke me. I thought that was the thing that I needed to propel me into the next stage in my life. When in fact, God was preparing from the moment that I took my first breath.

Healing. What is healing to you? Like really think about that. I know what I thought it was. I thought healing was one of those things that you put a band aid on and then it just magically gets better. We all know that isn’t truth.

The open wound that is under that band aid, it will eventually get better. Its covered, right? It’s not susceptible to more damage through debris. But why? It’s covered. No let’s not use covered. Lets use guarded.

That band aid is a guard against the environment that could potentially make it worse. Potentially... Everything and everyone has potential! But in this case, we're talking about the wound. The wound gets better but it takes a long time.

It’s not until we take that band aid off to expose it to air, that the healing process begins to speed up. The wound starts to scab. The scab is no longer soft. It is starting to harden. Now that the process is on a roll, now we know that the scab begins to chip away little by little.

Then what happens? You hate looking at the ugly scab that everyone can see. They are asking questions. What happened? Now I have to explain it over and over again. I just need the scab to be gone. I need gone. So, what do we do?

We start to pick at the scab, thinking that we have the power to make it heal faster, but in fact we are prolonging the process. If we just let nature take its course, then the scab would have naturally fallen off. But we know better, right?

In this lovely metaphor, the prolonging of the healing of the scab is the same thing we do with everything. Whether its job hopping, grades in school, that not so wonderful relationship that we keep praying the same prayer about. Everything has a time and place. We just have to let God have his way.

We always think we know better. Healing is one hell of a journey. It’s ugly. It has its peaks. It has its valleys. It does not feel good in the beginning. Sometimes in the middle. Shoot sometimes the whole process, but just like that scab. The scar that comes after it will soon fade. No, we don’t forget what caused it, but as we run our fingers over it. Just remember the lesson that we learned to not get an identical one.



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