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Dear Future Me... "My timing"

Dear Future Me,

In a society of instant gratification, we have this warped idea that we have control. Control with what we think our lives are supposed to look like. Sometimes control over what other people have going on. Crazy right?!

We have to realize that the only thing that we can control is the way that we handle situations. What we cannot see, we will not control.

There have been times that life has taken over and what may seem like days to you. Could be a lifetime for other people. Then when life slows down enough and you’re ready to join the land of the living. You realize that time did not stop. It kept going. You want to be able to just insert yourself where you think you belong. Especially when we compare what we are doing with what other people have set as their standard.

We begin to judge our career choices. Our romantic relationships. Where we live. For the overachievers, we start to forget what our pockets really look like and begin to buy things that we don’t need to look like the people that we don’t even see.

Why? Instant gratification! With a few clicks on a phone, we dive headfirst into what other people have going on. We see wedding photos. Travel pics. We see the new houses and cars. Even the cute pictures that give us slight baby fever. But we don’t see the stress. The time that it took to get to that moment.

I can look back and see that I took the steps and the setbacks to get me to where I am right now. Is it the way that I want it to look? Probably could be better. Was there a way to get to this point quicker? Probably so.

If you could walk into your dream career, right now. Would you be prepared? If you could send that “Hey big head” text right now. Would you be prepared for the wedding or just the bed? These are questions that need answers. However, the only person that can answer them is you.

So, future me, future you. Before we get all up in arms about where were aren’t. Think about where we are today. Think about where we were yesterday. Now think about taking the lessons that we are learning to propel us into tomorrow, without having to revisit those lessons.

Instant may sound good. But quick isn’t always better. I’m at this good age, where that slow burn is way more rewarding and enjoyable. So don’t get frustrated and down about things not working out how they are supposed to. We’ll get there. And its going to be so worth it!


A Patient Me

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