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Dear Future Self... "Red Flags or Red Hearts?"

Dear Future Me,

I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself today. That was only after I talked to the “I hate him committee.” Yes. I’m saying that with a strong side eye. Don’t read me with that tone!

Were you there when my car broke down on the side of the highway? No! Neither were they. But he was. He’s always there when I absolutely need him.

I know what you’re thinking, but not every day is that bad. We love each other. He just had a hard life. Not everyone is born with the same opportunities as you. You can’t teach a person how to be a parent. Duh!

However, with enough patience you can teach a person how to love you properly. How to know your worth. I mean what better person to teach him that than you?! Right? If I know you like I think I do, you still stay affirmations every morning when you look in the mirror. “I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am enough.” Yep! My girl won’t ever let a little argument with a little disrespect break her. Not you!

He always apologizes. He says stuff like that to get a rise out of you. You already know that!

Nothing can erase the smile that crosses your face when he walks in the room and kisses the middle of your forehead. Doesn’t it just send chills up and down your spine!? The days that you could only dream about being attached at the hip is a reality. An actual reality!

The days that he ignored you because he was busy working, is now replaced with caring calls to “check on you”. Girl! I’m so happy for you! To have someone so worried about you while you were taking a nap, to just pop up! Talk about protective!

The committee, or so-called friends, are just hating on what we know is love. Jealous. That’s a better word. Half of them have these boring relationships and the other half are pretending to be happy single. No one wants to go to bed alone at night. Unless their person is working of course. Third shift is a beast. Plus, sometimes he wants to go out while I stay in. What’s wrong with that? We know what our relationship needs to work.

The days that I need to vent, I know I’m just having a bad day. Tomorrow is always better. Or at least the day after that. I’m his person. And well I have you. I know the committee sees red flags. That’s cool, as long as we still feel the red hearts!


A Delusional Me

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